Mitsubishi FR-E840-0040-4-60 Inverter; Pn:1,5-2,2kW;3×380-480V;In max:5,5A;(1,5kW;4A);RS-485;IP20


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Type: FR-E800 RS485 INVERTER

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Type: FR-E800 RS485 INVERTER

Series: FR-E800 SERIES

Serial Number: 500112

Product Details: Mitsubishi Three Phase 380-415V 50Hz Input
FR-E840-0040-4-60, 1.5kW Three phase, high performance compact inverter, 4A
Compact Design – Save space with a compact footprint to control 3-phase motors up to 7,5 kw (with expansion in the future until 30kw) at 200V, 400V and 600V.
Dual Overload Rating – Achieve top performance in smaller frame sizes with light duty (LD) and normal duty (ND) overload current ratings.
Auto-tune to IM & PM Motors – Setup and commission quickly and easily without time-consuming tuning or the need for on-site support.
RS-485 and “Dual-Port” Ethernet Protocol Models – Switch between Ethernet protocols simply by changing internal parameters. The FR-E800 series inverters support a variety of open networks without the need for additional option cards.
MELSEC 2K Step PLC – Reduce internal components and save panel space, eliminating wiring time, and reducing system setup times. Operation of the system can be customized by the FR-E800’s built-in PLC feature
Inverter-to-Inverter Linking – Create small-scale systems by connecting multiple VFDs via Ethernet protocols. The communication between multiple inverters is carried out through the inputs/outputs and built-in PLC.
Extended Environmental Rating – FR-E800 operates in ambient temperatures from -20°C to 60°C (-5 to 140°F) and the control card is conformal coated to withstand harsh environments.
Corrosion Alert System – FR-E800 is the world’s first system to identify signs of damage caused by hydrogen sulfide or other corrosive gases. The operator receives a notification when the production environment needs to be improved or risk the possibility of unplanned downtime.
Life Diagnostics Function – Analyze and determine remaining lifetime of critical components, such as capacitors, contact relays, cooling fan, and inrush current limit resistor.


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